Thursday, February 18, 2010

O Where for Art Thou "O Night Bovine?"

So due to a hold up at the slaughterhouse, we're still anxiously awaiting our delicious beef. It now appears that it won't arrive until Friday at the soonest. I hope it gets here soon. I love chicken, but I miss beef. It's been quite a while since we've had any. (Ok, so we broke our commitment to good food and had a burger at Chefburger the other night before a show. But it was terrible. That means, it doesn't count.)

Just a reminder: going local and organic is a pretty significant change. We can't just go to the store and grab eggs when we run out. If you want a hamburger, you can't just run to the store. It requires planning and some resourceful meal combinations. Particularly in the winter. I'm glad that Richard is able to come up with some ways to use what we have. Once summer gets here and we have a little more choice of groceries, I plan on assisting in the kitchen. If I can't cook, I'll serve as a flavor consultant, and try to come up with some interesting ways to put food together. I figure this will be like the car--Richard does the driving and I'll do the navigating.

I'm really looking forward to summer. We plan to stock up on veggies so we can freeze them for out-of-season use. We'll probably look into some other natural and fun food saving methods too. (We have a smoker now!)

That's all for today. The next post will probably be a joint beef and cheese post since the beef should be here really soon and the cheese should be ripe today or tomorrow!

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